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Welcome To Raffles Restaurant

A Kenilworth-based Malaysian food joint, Raffles Restaurant is where we delight the UK food scene with the vibrant flavours of Malaysia, Mandarin Chinese and Tamil Indians under one roof. With a dine-in space that’s perfect for hosting celebrations and a menu featuring varied recipes, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable food experience.

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What Our Clients Say’s

Good food and a fantastic time out. It surprises me that it isn't usually crowded. Try it! Decent food, excellent service, great value.

Vincent W

I just had some excellent meals here. I hope more people recognise what a good restaurant this is in Kenilworth.

Matthew Melmo

Fantastic cuisine and service. A friend and I shared two courses. I suggest the chicken and rice meal.

Anthony Palacin

Exceptional taste, and swift delivery - they truly elevate Indian cuisine to new heights.

Raymond Volpe